Chris Hughes

Took to the studio based in Camden #voxbox (Voxbox) where miss Michael was songwriting & rehearsing for her album. Chris Hughes dropped by with his team and caught up with the singer, after their chat he soon had her under hypnosis! Chris not only had her forget her name, but also how to forget to play the piano too! Emel being the quirky and bright eyed songstress she is, was fascinated by it all. Show coming soon. T W I T T E R  To see behind the scenes

Following on that day, Celebrity Sandi from Gogglebox came down, along with Paul Manners (Britons Got Talent) along with other guests on the day. The filming took to Camden Market where people were wowed in crowds, some volunteered to have a go, having their chance embrace how Hypnotist Chris works for themselfs (Seeing is believing). 


Photography By DLPROPHOTO

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