Captured in this 13 min movie, Curt Soul (#Livin) 

Caught in a moment.
London live invites Emel Michael back to her second appearance.
Here you can see the journey, the OUTTAKES of some of the quirky elements that makes Emel the charming artist she is, this is a fun and inside moment for you to watch.

From composing original melodies, she has an innovative way in painting pictures with words and bringing them to life.
TAP DANCING to 'DO I LOOK LIKE I'M 12? Hold after the end of the film..
Thank you to the production team and everyone from London Live!
Ben Trickey the musical director, Robin Banerjee, Josh Bergson, Dom Anthony, (musicians)
Marc Storey, Anthony Steinburg for support.
Curtis Taitt (Film director)

There is intelligence behind her musical mind that brings her imagination to life, music transcends with her captivating stage presence. It all starts when she's plays her guitar, or piano and the avalanche begins.