When having the chance to meet such a creative, one whom not only transformed music from producing jazz and big bands for Frank Sinatra, along with Count Basie , the diversity of his talents extended beyond to create music for artists such as Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and Patti Austin, all of which are artists of different genres.

Our meet was the first in 2016. I approached him with a open arms, to which he also did with a question ‘ What’s your star sign’? I replied with ‘Aries’. He congratulated me and complimented with ‘ loved the sound of your voice and performance’. I was taken back, humbled and so grateful for his praise. I enjoyed performing that evening to the Montreux crowd, especially to Quincy, Quincy Jones Productions, Jacob Collier and many more.

Our second meet took us to St Claudes Bar, where he was sitting with a OJ and some grub. Thankfully to my dear friend Marc Storey we managed to settle in with the gang, Patti Austin, and many others among the crowd. Much laughter and stories were shared, he spoke to me about where his music comes from

‘Music is a divine thing, it just runs through me and I create it’. We spoke about Frank Sinatra, many more stories and a little about my music.

To top things off, we ended the night with a mutual love for each others work as well as recognizing the soul within.

emel and quincy bw.jpg
emel and quincy in st claudes.jpg